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Anna House Bloomers that bad?

I made a post at egl awhile back asking about the quality of Anna House's bloomers, and I thought I'd post a similar question here!

In today's economy I can't really justify spending $50+ on a pair of brand bloomers, so I've been looking at offbrand stores. I know Bodyline has longer bloomers, but I refuse to order directly from their website until they fix their shipping problems (in other words, ditch DHL). Also, I don't really love the ribbon ties on them. I think I'd prefer elastic.

I like the long bloomers Anna House sells, but a lot of people told me the quality was poor (scratchy lace, etc) and that they ride up a TON when wearing them. Does anyone here own Anna House bloomers? What are your opinions?

In the Starlight carries some similar bloomers - anyone own a pair of them? I'm not very familiar with the quality of items from that store.
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